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Why Napping Is Good For You

To put it simply, napping is great. Taking a mid-day nap is quick and easy way to re-energize and get through the day. Napping helps one feel relaxed, soothed, and rejuvenated.

Not only does napping make you feel good, but it is also practical. Studies have shown that taking a short nap in the middle of the day can actually make one more alert and productive for the rest of their day, and keeps one from being sluggish, lazy, and grumpy. In fact, many large companies have made napping a regular part of their employees’ day, and have dedicated resources to making napping rooms and chamber!

Most importantly, napping has many health benefits. These include the following:

-Relieves Stress

-Can help moderate your metabolism

– Sharpen senses

-Improve mood and memory

-Improve brain activity

So, now that you know that naps are relaxing, practical, and good for you, why not take a nap every now and then?

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What Customers are Saying About Power Nap

Power Nap provides a convenient and quick way to re-energize during the day. Whether it be students, workers, parents, or people who just want a restful nap every now and then, many have found Power Nap to work for them!What Power Nap users are saying:”I work in a highly stressful financial services job juggling way too many phone calls and emails all day long. PowerNap has been a great way to de-stress in the middle of the day and get recharged as if I had just come to work. I have also been very pleased that I have never overslept, the CD wakes me up at the end every time.” – Peter B. in Hawaii.

“I want to thank you for creating the Power Nap CDI was wonderfully surprised by how well it works. It will save me countless hours in the future, and also improve my performance during exam times. Thanks so much! Jack.”
“I am very impressed with the new PowerNap Colors CD. My wife and I recently welcomed a new baby and sleep has been a rare commodity! My job requires that I be very detail oriented so I sought a product that would allow me to concentrate and function at the level needed. Power Nap Colors has passed the test with well, flying Colors! I take a refreshing nap using the CD during lunch and return to work focused and energized. I feel like I owe my latest good review partly to the rest I get with this product and have recommended it to my colleagues. Keep up the great work!”  – Joel in California
“Both of our children have problems sleeping through the night. We purchased the Power Nap Dive CD and now they both sleep through the night. We love the Power Nap Dive CD. Thank you for your products – I look forward to ordering more from you. Thank you for helping.” – Marilyn A in Ohio.

Hello and Welcome to Power Nap!

Welcome to Power Nap!
Have you ever been too tired to make it through the day, or simply can’t find the time to finish all of your work and get enough sleep? Power Nap is here to help! We our a business located in Ohio that a sells a series of audio recordings that optimize the way you nap. Our products utilize relaxing sounds and inaudible, low-frequency waves that relax and moderate brain activity. This lets the listener receive all of the benefits of a three hour sleep in only one relaxing 30 minute nap while listening to our recordings! Power Nap offers an innovative and efficient way to help you rejuvenate and re-energize so you’re ready to take on the rest your day!

For more information about Power Nap and our products, please visit our website at